Plane iron

bill kaminski

Looking for a new iron, for my #4 Stanley. A thicker, good quality one. My 4 is not an antique, I am, it is fairly new, I think.
I have no idea how to know. Recommendations please.
Slight personal preference to stay with O1 these are basically the hock irons after the merger. also has a basic and premium replacement blades, for the price of the premium I’d go with the lv/hock personally although if you need to replace the chip breaker it’s more and separate. Not sure on basic.

There was at one point a place selling cheap imports that were actually really really good O1 blades and I wish I’d gotten more spares then, I can remember where it was and don’t know if it still exists.
I have a Rob Cosman blade in a #4 Stanley, beefy, good blade. Also have a few Hock blades, can’t go wrong the them. You do have to open the mouth of the plane for them.
We all have our favorites. I used the Veritas PM-11 plane iron / cap iron pairs for my two Millers Falls No. 4 equivalents. I see they are offering the Hock branded stuff now so I am not sure where the previous stuff fits in. They have always been helpful and knowledgeable when I have called with these types of questions.


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