Plant stand / seed starter completed

ken werner

Central NY State
My wife, Shelley, loves gardening about as much as I do woodworking. She wanted a plant starting table, and as we looked around for them, nice ones were about as costly as say a heavy cast iron motorized tool.

Thanks to Jim Becker for a photo, and a small article at Fine Gardening, I came up with this design. It is held together with Lee Valley knock down hardware. The shelves are fixed, the lamp units, which hold 4 T-8 bulbs each are adjustable. As the brackets for the lamps have half lap joints, the lamps will remain horizontal. Very nice 3" polyurethane casters from Grizzly top [or bottom] it off.

The wood is maple, finished with some minwax poly.


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Very nice job, Ken. I'm betting that's as good or better than the commercial ones, and I'm sure it cost a lot less than a cast iron power tool. ;)

This is a great project. I have already made a promise to myself not to let the LOML see it! :eek: Our house is too small, but that might not matter to her once she sees how nice a job you did.

Well Done!:thumb:
We're keeping it in the laundry room, which looked alot more roomy before it went in. In any case, if it makes my wife happier, it makes me happier. "Honey, I bought another plane"