Refrigerator Cabinet #2

One of the things I hadn't considered was how easy it really is to do multiple passes on the CNC.. I mean I've thought about it for carving and detail bits but this sort of clicked it for more "conventional" work. Really makes it easy to get super clean tear out free cuts. Yeah there's the square and true jigging but that's obviously solvable :)

Doors are looking good!
Ryan, The router table is very much faster - BUT.

When I was doing the outside perimeter on the router table I was at full depth and I pushed the door thru the cut a lot faster by hand.

On the CNC I was a LOT more conservative.

The difference is not to do with the machine but more to do with my head. I learned a lot from making the video. One thing is just how much I can cut on the CNC. If I never used a router table and fed a panel by hand, I may never know what is possible. SOOO - what then do I do next with this knowledge?

1) make my cuts deeper
2) cut faster

Then, I need to consider the toolpath. Raise the cutter move to start lower the cutter. No.
I don't need to raise the cutter then move to start.

I need to do a bunch of stuff before I do the next set of doors. BUT, THEN - that is what it's all about - learning and getting better.

Thank you for watching and for your comments.