Reliable Electric Meat Slicer

Dave Sweeney

I'm in the market for a reliable electric frozen meat slicer and I'm looking for some suggestions on which ones might be worth considering. I primarily want this for slicing meat for making jerky. Presently I own a manual slicer that works but is showing its age and frankly isn't as user friendly as it's advertised to be. I'm not looking for a $50 bargain basement slicer or a big dollar Hobart model but one that will perform well while not denting the bank account too badly. Any recommendations will be appreciated.
Since you eliminated the high dollar slicers, I can't offer any suggestions, but considering the present economic conditions there might be some high end machines available at big discounts from the unfortunate restaurants and other food oriented business that couldn't take the pain. I noticed a Hobart locally on Amazon marketplace for $350. Not a bad price for a great machine. Just a thought...