safety recall on G0584, G0462 and Shop Fox W1758 wood lathes

Ryan Mooney

Staff member
The Gorge Area, Oregon

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled wood lathes and contact Grizzly Industrial for details on how to receive a free repair kit, including shipping. The repair kit consists of an upgraded faceplate, tool rest and tool rest base.
pretty much a similar to my jet lathe. had it for years with no problems.

Yeah sounds like there's probably an actual manufacturing defect as they're replacing a handful of specific parts... Not sure on the faceplate (probably just didn't ease the edges which is 2m with a file so whatever..) the banjo I'd be more worried about if it's breaking that could be an exciting day (I know some of the HF lathes had a problem with that at one point).
Dan, the reason your Jet looks very similar is because they are made on the same factory floor in Taiwan. Another brand made there is Powermatic. Probably others, but I can't recall their names. That G0462 was my first lathe. Ran it for about 12 years or so and worked great! I know I overloaded it a few times, but it held up quite decently.