Say hello to my little friends!

Jim Burr

Reno, Nv
Thanks to the amazing skills of Mr Dowell and company, wifey ordered this and it showed up today! The smoke box from A-maz-n was my idea. Doing two pork loins on the bbq tonight and the smoke box will be loaded! 7lbs pork shoulder with the now infamous Seal rub and an injection of salt, apple juice and white grape juice. Pics forth coming post grubbing.

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Now swore off bbq since BW13. I can't in good faith ask you to suffer through the horrible swill that will no doubt be produced by this sorry excuse for a food maker...but we should eat around 6...spare room has clean sheets!
Shoot if I'd a known just how much Brent was going to increase the sales of those little puppies I'd have bought stock in Master built. Good looking rig ya got there Jim. Now ya just have to build one of those PID's like t Brent built for Carol.

As we speak Don...Brent is working on one for me...I may be poor, but I only get the best!