Scratching my head

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts

As a manufacturing engineer I spent my career examining the compitition to figure out how they make theirs. You can get pretty good at it with enough practice.

I bought this kettle cause it looks cool.
Price was good too.
I decided to return it cause I didn't like the way the thermometer was jumpy

So I proceeded to get this one, cause it should be better????? Cost's more, brand name?????
I am thinking heavier metal, better welds, just better all around quality

I cannot find one single difference - nothing at all
The dial on the thermometer is a tiny bit different
Side by side comparison - all metal is the same visually
Same thickness, same color
Handles look exactly the same
Cheap one has 2 screws in the handle
Side by side the handles are identical.
Weld spots are same
Bends and curves are same
Both make in China.

One noticable difference - the cheap one is 100 grams heavier.

I wonder if I just swap the thermometer and return to expensive one.