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Ryan Mooney

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Williamette Valley, Oregon
But got a bit done today.

Some parts

A bit of grinding and polishing. I'll polish the round piece later, and still need to cut the bevels on the rectangular piece, but will also do that later. Not sure how they cut these blades out, but whatever they use sure left a lot of ripples on the sides, took way more polishing than I'd hoped it would. It's definitely HARD anyway :D
180 grit, 220 grit, 400 grit, 600 grit, 1200 grit and then some green compound on mdf for the bulk of the rectangle. You can sort of see yourself in it, so it's close. It'll need a touch up after the next phase so didn't get to crazy yet.

I also drilled the threads out of the brass pieces and roughly knocked the corners off. Saved a nice little vial of brass filings, which I've wanted to try inlaying so nice bonus there. I'll get more when I cut it to final shape to.

Took advantage of having the coarse grinder out to touch up some cold chisels I got from a yard sale a while back. Man not sure what that guy did to the poor things but they were really beat up, like he'd taken them to hardened bolts and just kept desperately whacking well past any hope. Did this to all of them apparently, not someone I'd let touch any sharp tools if I wanted to keep them that way. :eek: They're all good now though, but a couple took a bit of metal removal..

Despite doing some extensive searching and (admittedly needed) organizing I couldn't find the piece of 1/4" mild steel round stock I know is around here somewhere. Will have to pick up a replacement tomorrow as that's the next step. Was hoping to be mostly done with the metalworking part today but was not to be.
You did that work barefooted???:eek::huh:

:rofl: Didn't mean that to sneak in there.

Some of it, I've been working on toughening up my feet again this summer - I used to go barefoot all summer when I was a kid. Did everything barefoot back then (a lot of it probably not to safe but there it was). It seems like my back is better when I go barefoot at least some, seems to help my form. I slipped on some rubber shop shoes when I did the grinding, but them flipped off while I was doing the polishing cause there isn't really much risk in that part (and I was sitting on a stump cut off outside the shop - inside the main part bare feet would be a no no of course :D).
+ 1 on going barefoot. I freak out many here by doing same, not while grinding though ;)

you got me guessing what u up to though.

Glad to hear i am not alone in finding something I know i have. Did that yesterday and gave up.

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Bar stock acquired so on to step two.

First file the end flat and smooth and then file a bit of a notch to start the saw on.


Cut a slot to fit the rectangular piece. This is like cutting a 2x4 where you saw a bit on one side, flip it and saw a bit on the other. Repeat until you've gone far enough. This is with the two pieces together. The rag is wet to keep the torch from detempering the important bits.. Hopefully..


Soldered together and cleaned up a smidge.

After this I just cut the round stock to length.

This completes the initial metalworking portion of our program. The next step is to find some appropriate looking pieces of wood and make round.

First I need to rehang the shower curtains around the lathe replacing the sagging pvc conduit with a nice hunk of emt not sure what I was thinking with the pvc, not my smartest moment.
Our daily installment in which some progress is made and a minor design change is enacted. Initially there was to be a braid around the circumference, but upon laying it out it became painfully obvious that it would be to small to be visually interesting, and probably too fragile as well. So it was substituted with a simple rope twist instead. Hopefully the recipient will not be overly distraught by the change.

The twist carving on the one on the left is a bit over half done the one on the right has only been roughed out thus far.
I am going to speculate that this will be something that Winnie the Pooh could use instead of his paw when scooping out honey from a jar?

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