Small Cutting Board & Bread Knifes

Aaron Beaver

Here are three small projects that I have been doing. Two are bread knives and the other is a small cutting board.

All three pieces are made out of all walnut, the knives are finished with Watco Danish Oil Natural. The cutting board does not have anything on it right now.

All three

Cutting Board


Very cool stuff, Aaron. :clap: The cutting board came out great. Excellent use of those short pieces of walnut you were talking about the other day. What did you use for blades on the knives?
Vaughn beat me to it. What are those blades?
Thats's some beautiful work there Aaron. :thumb: One of these days I am going to try something like that.

I made a few of those knives back a couple of years ago. The plans were from Wood Magazine. The blade kit (blade, screws and the leather strap) is ordered from a company that I don't remember the name of. However, I think it was/is a company that is an online partner of Wood Mag. When I was ordering my kits there was a problem with the supplier but the company was VERY helpful and very kind in getting it straightened out. They cared about their customers, even first time ones.

I still have one knife handle cut out and one blade kit not used. It's in a box in my garage somewhere. :D Maybe Aaron got the kits from somewhere else. I'm looking forward to hear where he got them from.
beautiful work aaron.
i really like those knives as well, very neat

i also like that the cutting board isn't square, not that anything is wrong with a square cutting board, but i like things to be different.

thanks for sharing
Nice Work I have made 16 of these Knives over the last two years.Only the other evening I got a request for left handed models from two separate ladies, so back two work.They make great Christmas presents. Richard