Tennesee drive= wood delivery

larry merlau

Delton, Michigan
i have some wood to deliver to Tennessee, so if there is any interest in those walnut slabs, down that way or some other wood products drop me a pm and we can possibly make it on the truck for you. i will be leaving the first wknd in june on a thursday pm or friday am. i have a fair amount of lumber so can part with some. just only have one pick up, though could bring trailer if need be.
By my reckoning thats a full days driving each way correct? You thought about trucking it?

There might be several truckers that could add that to a load since they would already be going straight down the 65 Interstate already.?
Nah Don i was thinking in terms of investment versus return. Seen the gas price lately. Well i dont think 16 hours in his pick up would leave a great deal of change from the wood. He has to start thinking of getting a return someday. :) Those big slabs did not cost nothing to get to this stage.
Cause he missed his down south drive this year Rob. Didn't ya know tour de wood all started with Larry's trip south every year.:thumb:
just some clarification,, i have walnut, cherry, ash, hickory, red oak, and some white oak, rough sawn 4/4. can skip plane it if needed. drop me a pm if you in need of some wood.
hillbilly ,people from tennessee are called tarheel or ridgerunner