The Farm Shop

How cold is it there now Darren (daytime highs)? It is looking real nice (y)!
It’s been hitting the mid 40’s this week with lows overnight in the low 30’s. It’s actually 30 now and the temp sensor in the shop is 42, but the space heater out there hasn’t ran since about 6 pm yesterday.

The temp sensor is also the door open/close sensor, so the actual temp isn’t that low overall, being it’s s on a metal door with leaks around it.

I need to caulk around the door yet and do some of the door and window spray foam around the door and windows yet.

The spray foam guy and I discussed doing a thicker coat of foam, but he said with the spray foam, there’s no air flow and it has thermal breaks of foam over most of the wood, I would notice a difference, and surprisingly it is warmer feeling overall. The cost difference wouldn’t have been much, but I don’t think the extra energy to heat it up over the loss is going to be that great.

The only places that have no thermal break, is where the purlins attach to the posts, there is spray foam between the metal and posts, between the purlins. The posts thickness with the purlin still should have a R value of 6 to 8.

The window and door openings are the only other places that would have no thermal breaks.
Doesn’t seem like much progress, but finished screwing down subfloor on top, the lights and the other two walls of the office wired, and installed osb on the left wall of the office.

Having the one wall done allows me to install all the cabinets and empty the tub contents here onto that wall.

I’ll finish up the ceiling and other walls once I have these installed and moved
Over lunch I slapped together a base for the cabinets. They have some euro adjustable feet on them, but the way the boxes are built they don’t support the top very well. The single base should make them easier to level and align.

I did decide that I’m going to split them apart and have a 24” work space to sit at between them. They were at least out of the way to work on the ceiling tonight.

I got the ceiling insulation, osb, and puck lights installed tonight. The blue sheet was the top sheet on the osb stack, it will all get painted though.
IMG_0036.jpeg IMG_0037.jpeg

I need to install wiring for the mini split power and a few other things before I can finish all the walls.
Color me green with envy again! You are staying focused and on task (something I can't seem to do!! :huh: :ROFLMAO: ). Will this room be heated or are you using a golden rod?
It will be heated/cooled with a mini split, but have a golden rod too. I'm adding batt insulation on all the walls also, the ceiling was insulated before OSB. I'll see if the PCs and Servers I plan to put in the office will keep it warm this winter and do the mini-split in the spring. They may actually keep it too warm and need the cooling before then. :dunno:

I'm debating on if I do a mini split in the craft room too, or if I just setup some air circulation between the office and it. I'm leaning towards a separate one, just to keep momma happy. ;)
Would a two head unit be more cost effective? Or just to much hassle?
I don’t know if having one vs two outdoor units would be cheaper to run, but cost is higher for the multiple head (indoor) version by several hundreds of $.

Then there is the redundancy of having two separate units, where if one is down, the other can maybe pickup the slack.
Decided to work on my cabinets tonight. I split them and added a seating area in the middle. This is my reloading bench and I have the presses where they mount on the Tee track across the length of the bench.
IMG_0060.jpeg IMG_0061.jpeg

The top is 8’ long and used to overhang the cabinets in my old shop by 6” on each end. With this new configuration, I’m going to build a shelving unit to set in the 12” at the end.

For those that didn't see my old shop cabinets, these have a pull out work surface in the top drawer space.

The safety inspector stopped by to let me know my shoe was untied…or maybe he caused that violation.