This almost makes me cry

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
It has been a long haul. Solidworks. Solidworks is a professional CAD system. I got good at it when I had a job. It's one of those $20k os so CAD systems, an industry standard. As a maker edition it's like $50 bucks a year. Fusion is like $500 bucks a year. I am having a hard time getting used to Fusion, but I already am good at Solidworks.

Before I decided to upgrade my computer my previous i7 computer was not cutting the mustard. I learned that Solidworks needs a ROBUST internet connection. ROBUST is putting it mildly.

Hence, my reasoning behind my computer upgrades.
I upped my Infinity account to a ROBUST internet connection
I upped my computer and network connectivity.

Lot of learning
Lot of saving up money
a couple of years waiting

I just reestablished by account and fired up Solidworks

Whooo Hooooo - hope this is a winning combo

Just in time too - I have a bunch of cabinets to design, build and install.

Maybe this is a new youtube journey in conjuction with Making Cool Stuff.