Those look nice, Chas. How are the slats attached to each other? Is it glue alone or some other fastener coming up from the bottom?
Just back having a relaxing Coffee, (14.45hrs)
Forty for lunch today;

Todays Menu:
1. Glass of Sherry, (Dry/Sweet /Medium) or Non acholic sparkling fruit cordial.

2. Spicy Beef Casserole, Broccoli, Carrots, Mashed (with Butter & Cream) Potatoes. (with seconds)

3. Local Victoria Plum & Almond Sponge Pudding with Plum Juice dressing, Custard & Cream. Or Dried Exotic Fruit Salad (Mixed Dried Fruit soaked overnight in Unsweetened Fruit Juice) Maybe both for some!!

4. Tea or Coffee and fancy Chocolates.

Currently All for £8.00 ($9.90). (any number over 30 takers covers Good quality ingredients, from local sources where possible, hire of venue with power, all public and personal insurances etc.)

And of course an army of volunteers, 5 in the kitchen to prepare and clean up afterwards, (I'm the one with the check list of tasks, basic support and consumables co-ordinator and chief washing machine operator) 1 co-ordinator to look after funding and settle bills, banking etc. and manage booking for next sessions (cooks need to know numbers) 3 or 4 front of house to set out tables with table cloths, place settings, serviettes, fresh flower decorations etc.

Oh and a Raffle at a £1.00 a go to boost funds, usually 6-10 prizes, mainly locally donated useful items or local surplus produce in season.

6 + hours of agro. enjoyment and catching up on the local gossip.
The concept of a monthly Village Luncheon Club gathering sounds very British, and very cool. That's quite a meal for under $10. :thumb:
Seems like a great idea to me as well! I'd have definitely tried both deserts.

Nice to see some quick and functional projects, perfectly suited to purpose. It's easy to get caught up in over complicating such things (certainly more than guilty myself in that regard).
Been going now for some 20+ years, originally started as chance for those on their own or couples leading a lonely life to meet up but morphed into a general gettogether of quite a mixed age group, including half a dozen from adjacent villages, results in cementing the local area grape vine and triggering updates of areas of concern for folks that may need a little help and news of those who have moved elsewhere.

I think at least 50% of the folks leave with additional information on who needs a lift for shopping, appointments, lifts to tonight's Wine Club, next film Night, Yoga classes etc. (all in the same venue),

Unfortunately it has it's share of sad news as we loose older members but the same voluntary spirit often comes to the rescue to provide a celebration of their life with a donated home produced buffet.