Wannigan project

Art Mulder

London, Ontario
A Wannigan is a traditional piece of camping gear. It is a kitchen box, or grub box, that you take on your canoe camping trip. Some folks use it to carry food. We typically use it to care the bulky or odd-shaped stuff that does not fit neatly into a backpack, such as our stove, large utensils, fuel, dishwashing stuff, brush saw, and so on. In addition to storage, it also can serve as a bench for sitting, or a table for when preparing/eating your food. It is no featherweight, but we find it to be very useful.

Unless you're into camping, this is probably of limited interest, so I'll just post a bunch of photos/drawings. If you want to read a bit more detail, you are welcome to read more on my wannigan build web page.

Thanks, Brent.

ps: that is yours truly in the last photo, and that is also one of my homemade paddles laying over the wannigan, and my quickie paddle in the very front. That is August 2012, at the end of our 1 week trip into Northern Algonquin park. (way up here)