Water Based Finishes

Grand Rapids, MI
So Larry's post got me thinking. I have been wanting to convert over to 100% water based finishes, but haven't done it yet. I'm so comfortable with the spray finish processes that I've learned over the last 10 years that it's hard to take the leap. God forbid I screw up a customer's project!

I have sprayed General Finishes products in the past, but had a few issues with the wet surface "closing" so fast that overspray created a slightly grainy surface.

What are your preferences and experiences? Also, what stains (especially spray stains) work with your finish?
I've had great results from the Target brand finishes. I've used the EM1000 sealer, the EM6000 & 7000 lacquers, and the EM8000cv conversion varnish. All good.
I've also used the pigmented lacquer - forget the number - 6500??? - but have limited experience with it since I seldom 'paint' things.
Ditto on Target finishes. I use EM1000 sealer and EM6000 lacquer using an HVLP conversion gun. I don't sell anything, but LOML is a tough customer!