Yates American parts

Sam Kerfoot

Norrisville, MD
I recently purchased a Yates American J-147 disk sander. It's a great machine but I realized after I got it that a few parts were missing. It's completely functional, but I would like to restore it as close to original as possible. I've seen a few sanders like it out there, but they were usually on ebay for more than what I paid for mine and half way across the US. They were usually sanders that were still in working condition. Yates American has sadly wiped their hands clean of offering any parts for their smaller machines despite the fact that they are very nice solid machines. I was wondering if anybody out there might possibly have or know of anybody that might have a junk sander for sale without me having to travel half way around the globe to retrieve it? I live in Maryland. I'm willing to travel some, but not an all day journey. Any leads or information would be greatly appreciated.
Start with http://www.owwm.org and post a want to buy in the Bring out your Dead section. This and EBay are your best places to find anything for old machines.

If your not a member at OWWM just read the rules before posting. Good bunch but sticklers for the rules.