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    Oliver 232-D

    Here she and pretty. I got this from a Guy in Seattle and he said it had been stored in Northorp aircraft wearhouse since 1985. The numbers on the badge date it to being built in 1951. I hade it shiped from Seattle and was almost unable to get it since the shipping quotes I was getting were EXPENSIVE.....$1100. So I asked at work if I could get a quote through the company. Annie called and in a cpl day called my office and ask if I was in a big Hurry for it. I told her not really and thats when she told me if I could wait 4 days the shipping would be $283. I yelled yes. It arrived and was this ugly green and the ways wer rusted somewhat and leeds were cracked and bare in spots. SOOOOOOOOO I went to work with WD-40 and wrenches tore it completly down. I took the motor, that baby weighs about 100 lbs alone, to work and sent it the the ppl that do all of our companys motor rebuilds. I called and taled to Don and told him what I was sending. He was estatic. Where in the &^%% di you get something lik that. I asked how much and he wanted to see if they could get it done first without haveing to rebuild the motor. The next week it returned with new leads original paint for the period and a note saying it was nice to see one of those again and no charge. I sent him a case of beer and got my wonder shipping lady a 10 lb box of Amish chocolot fudge......laughing now shes blameing me cause she said her butts to big... it looks good to
    so heres a few of the inprocess pics
    Not sure how many will show up and might be streaching the pic limits but here are the high lights.
    My next tear dwon and resto is a State B-4 osolateing spindel sander with all of the spindles I'll keep you posted and make sure I take pics as I go along
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails a522ee52.jpg   683fa63c.jpg   myrtelwoodtbltop200.jpg   myrtelwoodtbltop161.jpg   myrtelwoodtbltop170.jpg  

    myrtelwoodtbltop054.jpg   da03db76.jpg  

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    Good lord Reg, that is NICE..........I hate you!!

    Boy, you work with nice people too.

    man, I bet not many saws are made like that anymore!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg Mitchell View Post
    My next tear dwon and resto is a State B-4 osolateing spindel sander with all of the spindles I'll keep you posted and make sure I take pics as I go along
    I'd like to find one of those

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    Thanks Stu. Its a nice direct drive. There is nothing like cutting with one of those. I can hardly wait to try the BS on a project and I have just the thing comming up too. My g/f son and wife are getrting ready to have a baby so its gonna be a cradle for the BS
    Those B-4's are hard to come by at a good price but I thinnk there is one in CAL that is restored for about $1200. Has all the spindels and in very good shape

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    Very Nice Reg,

    I Would love to find one like that to restore.

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    thanks for the thread reg! and darned nice saw!
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    I think that is a "You Suck" for sure.

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    Thanks Guys. It was a fun project and would have taken less time if I didn't have to do it around work. I Might find another one to set up for just dado work if I can find another one in as good of shape

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