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    T.V. Tray hardware(swivels)

    I am getting ready to make a few tv trays and cannot remember where i used get the swivels from. Anyone have a good place to get them and what the proper name is?
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    Direct bury gas line?

    I am going to add a gas line to the shop to keep it warm when doing finishing and glue ups. Main heat will be wood. Can anyone recommend what type of line to use for underground use?
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    Reclaimed furniture

    Here are the finished pieces.
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    Reclaimed furniture

    If you are intrested starting in the am I can start posting on the progress as I build furniture for a cleint out of pallets. This is going to be a on going thing that hopefully keeps me busy for a long time.
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    Leigh DT jig?

    Finally got enough time at home to work on getting the roof on the shop. What I am in need of is a new dt jig. My old one is going on 4 yrs old and not very accurate anymore. Any thoughts on the Leigh 18 model. Anyone have experince with this one or others of the same quality? Have a few small...
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    Pitted metal filler?

    I pulled one of my pieces out of storage today and the cast table has some really bad pitted real bad. I got it all cleaned up put the pits are bugging me. Is there something I can fill the pits with before I wax the table real good.
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    Frankenstein lathe?

    I was thinking that I have a few old lathe that. I was thinking of putting a few together and make one good one out of them. Anyone ever do this?
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    Roughs sawn cleanup

    I have a large stock of reclaimed southern yellow pine boards that I removed from my house while remodeling. These boards are 7/8"T x 10 1/2"W x 12' long Some shorter and some longer. All the boards have these little tacks in them that used to hold some type of fabric over them. I am looking for...
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    200 Amp service on 2 AWG WIRE?

    Well, finally got the permanent service turned on at the house and when they came out to run a new wire to the house they did two things that had me worried. First, they tapped into a line that feed a house next door. Then they only use 2 Awg alum wire. This seems to be way to small to run one...
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    Felder Ts?

    Just wondering if any of the pros out there have any of there tools. I am looking at getting a sliding ts and checked out several different brand and am really liking this brand. Even if I do go with it would happen till at least march.
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    Building Inspector????

    Well some of you know that I bought a fixer upper from my soon to be wife's grand parents. I did follow all regulation and pulled the needed permits before starting work on it. Now that I am getting close on some inspections I am having trouble getting hold of the inspector. Now when I call his...
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    Portable ts

    I am looking for a portable ts. Prefer one that has a base built in. I just picked up a job as a sub for some case work in NM and really need to to get one. Was looking at the Bosch any other ones to look at? What are you using?
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    Knee Pads

    After last week working installing 70 vanities in a dorm building my knees where really sore. I do have a decent pair on knee pads, but after being on my knees for 10 hours a day I need better ones. Can anyone know a company that sell real good ones? Took all day saturday of resting to get my...
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    Computer help

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to email a document to someones phone? I tried putting the phone number into the email address but it is not working.
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    Any contractors ever work with this? Going in the am to look at a job as a sub to help install this. Guy says its easy to work and install. If I get this job I will be living in a hotel during the week for the next 3 month.:(