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    cabinet saw for small shop

    Here's a question we got recently: "What is the best cabinet saw; Powermatic 2000, powermatic 66, Jet, or Delta?" I asked for a little more detail (best doesn't indicate much ;) and got this in response: "Thank you for responding to my email so quickly. The main job for my cabinet saw is...
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    your opinion on reconditioned tools

    What is your opinion on reconditioned power tools? Are there any power tools that you would NEVER buy reconditioned? If so, why? Warning: I'll be covering this thread in our blog AND putting mention of it in the ToolCrib email newsletter. And I'm asking at more than one forum to get a wider...
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    Battle of the Brands

    What are your top three favorite woodworking power tool brands... and for what specific tools? Also I thought you'd find it interesting to check out the top ten power tool brands searched for on the ToolCrib site: 1) DeWALT 20% 2) Porter Cable 14% 3) Bosch 13% 4) Makita 12% 5) Delta 10% 6)...
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    the $1000 woodworking tool test

    THIS IS NOT A CONTEST... I hope the title isn't misleading... let me know if you think it is. This IS a way to get you thinking about what your most important tools are, which will in turn give you some insights into yourself as a woodworker. Here's the hypothetical scenario: 1) You have no...
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    who are your top five most influential woodworkers?

    Who are the top five woodworkers who've influenced your work, and what was their influence? I asked over in WoodNet and made a list of over 80 different woodworkers the members there cited as influential... here are their top 7 so far: 1) Norm Abram 27 votes 2) Dad 14 votes...
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    woodworker interviews project

    I'm going to start interviewing woodworkers for the ToolCrib blog. The questions must be interesting and even fun to the woodworker, questions that make them think... What questions would YOU ask your favorite/most influential woodworker? Note - I may end up quoting your questions directly...
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    Making the Router Decision: Rated Amperage + Job Requirements?

    I posted in the toolcrib blog this morning about making a router decision... my main point was: "Your best bet will be to gauge the KIND of work you intend to do with a particular router and fit that to a rated amperage." Do you guys agree? How have you made your router decisions in the past...
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    Most Dangerous Power Tool?

    What's the most dangerous power tool? My answer would be: "whichever power tool you're using!" But then... I'm not a woodworker ;) Which power tool/s, in your experience, are the most dangerous?
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    Best Power Tool Deal You've Ever Gotten?

    1) What's the best deal you EVER got on a NEW power tool? 2) How'd you find it? Spill it. Gloat your face off. I want to know who here's gotten the best deal of all time :D
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    Can I use a disc grinder as a cut off tool?

    I got this one recently: "Can I use a disc grinder as a cut off tool?" My first thought was - of course it can, but what are you trying to cut and why would you use a disc grinder to cut with? I wrote back to ask what they were trying to cut, but since I'm not a woodworker or heavy tool user I...
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    12" Hitachi Sliding Mitre Saw Vs. Bosch

    This guy's about to drop a stack of cash on a mitre saw: I'd hate to just steer him towards the most expensive one on our site... KIDDING. Anyways, I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this... the only difference I can tell between his two choices is the $10 difference on Amazon. There has to...
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    Are There Tables to Invert Circular Saws into Table Saws?

    This doesn't sound safe to me, but I've heard tell of plans for a table that helps convert a circular saw into a table saw... I've been digging into this in response to this question: I'm dubious, but wanted to get your collective opinion. Also, would that be called a jig or a table?
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    Is Freud the Best Value Router Table Top, Fence and Lifter?

    It's opinion time my friends. Come on now... I know you have one. Don't be shy. That means you Tod ;) What do you think of the Freud router table top, fence and lifter? How does it stack up in terms of value? How about quality? If not Freud then what would you suggest? Here's the question...
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    Are There Conversion Kits for Makita GV5000 Sander?

    Is there a kit for the Makita GV5000 sander that converts it from an adhesive back to a hook and loop back? If not - or even if so - are there any hacks for this kind of conversion that you know of? Here's the original question from one of our site visitors: Thank you guys - I will point...
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    Any Recommend Bridgewood Belt Sander Repairman in The Western New York Area?

    Hey guys what's happening? We just got a doozy of a question on ToolCrib, one of those kinds of questions that makes me thankful for the Family :) OK here goes. You're in Western New York. Your Bridgewood belt sander breaks. Where do you go for repairs? So do you guys have any recommendations...