1. Robert Horky

    LIONEL Control Panel Cabinet

    A very good friend of mine is building a large train layout. He had the table professionally built and the builder could not get to making the control cabinet so he asked me. A fun little project. He will have it painted to match the traditional LIONEL colors. Materials: Poplar for all the...
  2. Robert Horky

    Drill Press Cabinet

    Nothing fancy but highly functional. Push to open drawers so no pulls needed. Pocket screws for the box construction. Simply sets on the base of the drill press and can be slid off if need be. Now just have to put on some finish and fill it up. Thanks for looking.
  3. P

    Design ideas for a bar / liquor cabinet

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into building some type of cabinet to hold wine & liquor. I really like the idea of an "expanding" cabinet like the one from Crosley Furniture pictured here I already have storage for the glasses, so I'm looking into adapting the design for more bottles. One concern...