LIONEL Control Panel Cabinet

A very good friend of mine is building a large train layout. He had the table professionally built and the builder could not get to making the control cabinet so he asked me. A fun little project. He will have it painted to match the traditional LIONEL colors.

Materials: Poplar for all the trim/edging/base. MDF for all the panels and lettering
CNC used to cut the letters and letter pockets.


Thanks for looking.
Oh, cool. I like the bridge motif, too.

I was curious about the logo because I had to find and model the L for a Lionel Morse code key I did awhile back.
I have a close friend with more Lionel trains than I had ever seen in one place before meeting him. I have mixed emotions about showing him these photos, because I know that he is going to want me to make both the table and the cabinet for him. The table would likely need to be much larger, since his whole basement shy of a few square feet of walking space is a train table, and he also has shelving spaced about 8" vertically up to the ceiling on all of the walls with track and trains running all the way around the room on them too. He can run 8 trains at a time. He has already been asking me to help him build a multi deck swinging bridge in the entrance doorway, to make it a "walk through" and not a "crawl under".