1. C

    Restoring a 1978 DP-14-12 Continental Machinery Drill Press

    Not sure if the Manufacturer really means much, looks like it was a Taiwan product, doesn't seem to have much company history. I've taken most of it apart and cleaned it and it's looking really great! (nice to have access to an industrial sandblaster!) I'll post some more pics once its a bit...
  2. Mike Stafford

    Drill press and Skill saw lathe....not for the faint of heart!

    I guess this qualifies as new lathe related equipment. If you are a redneck and fearless this may be the lathe set up for you. As someone said on another forum, "Hold my beer, watchiss!" :rofl::huh::p:D http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&v=unmYI5ruEeY&NR=1
  3. larry merlau

    dewalt cordless tool users

    my SIL had a 14.4 xrp cordless drill,, the clutch is giving him fits and the batteries are doing the low charge thing.. so my question is the xrp really needed with the newer li ion batteries of today.. and i am looking at a reconditioned one.. whats you take on the matter and what should i...
  4. Vaughn McMillan

    Time for a Giveaway!

    Hey Gang - We're overdue for a giveaway around here, so with no further ado... How about a 28 piece DeWalt Rapid Load drill and driver set? This set was originally donated by Darren Wright to the winner of the forum logo contest. Since I ended up being the winner, I'm passing the prize on...