1. B

    Drum Sanders

    Has anyone had any experience with Grizzly's new 10" sander, the G0716? At $345 plus shipping it is the cheapest I've seen for a new drum sander; and, it says you can actually sand up to 20" (10 + 10). I might make the trip to their May tent sale and come back with one.
  2. Darren Wright

    Grizzly iPhone Lathe App

    Now if they could just come up with a flat working app for Larry... ;)
  3. Frank Townend

    Grizzly Handheld Pneumatic Sander

    Just saw this over at Toolmonger: What do you do if you need to sand a curved project that’s too big to get to your oscillating spindle sander — an assembled piece of furniture, for instance? Most of us aren’t big fans of hand sanding, so this Grizzly Handheld Pneumatic Sander looks pretty...