1. Toni Ciuraneta

    Soma cube

    Hi guys there are other things to be made from scraps and those are many different puzzles. One of them is the soma cube. Here you can see the one I just finished. Fast and easy to do, and even faster if you dont put any finish on it. There are 240 different ways of assembling the cube plus...
  2. Daris Robertson

    Cube In a Cube Puzzler

    I made this cube in a cube puzzler piece a while back. This is one of those projects that you can make quickly, and is really easy. They make great gifts and my kids really liked them. All you'll need to build this is a small block of wood and a drill press. If your really good you can...
  3. Darren Wright


    Here's one of the puzzles that my dad put together while I was visiting. It's hard to see through the brown bottle, but the bolts, washers, and nuts are assembled inside the bottle as shown in the second pic. The dowel is about 10" long 9/16" or 5/8" diameter. First hole is drilled about...