22-560 Delta

bill kaminski

This planer I bought 10 yrs ago. It does ok, but starting to get snipe. I have been reading up, and have tried set-up, per Delta( tables level), and have raised the tables on the outfeed side. Raised did help some. Last test I got a real small snipe, on the left side, Much more snipe on the left.
I am thinking.. :eek: ..that side feed roller might be too low. A replacement, at this time is not happening, so any and all tips, tricks,or else will be appreciated.
Ordering new knives too.
I've had one for at least 10 years and despite trying all the tricks I've read about, I've never been able to keep mine from sniping. (I call it the Delta Snipemaster, lol.) For me, the only solution has been to include extra length on anything I'm planing, with the intention that I'll need to cut about 3" off both ends of the board. I'll be interested to see if anyone has any suggestions I haven't tried yet.
I have had a Delta for many years... Used it a lot when boat and organ building,,, It got to where it would feed well,, so I took it all apart and washed the roller and clean everything.... Put it back together and it wouldn't feed at all!!:rolleyes:. I didn't really need it for any current projects so I put it aside...fix it later.. than saw a pretty decent deal on the DeWalt 734. I went crazy and ordered it... Only have used it once, which was just two days ago,,, It is really sweet.... I think I will be very happy with it. Not sure what to do with the Delta.. I think it is fixable...
People talk about snipe... I probably got it 4 or 5 times in all the years I had the Delta... Then it was a matter of wiping the rollers clean.. I think all little bench planers do it once and a while..
Yes..thanks...raising tables seemed to help..how much, I don't know, yet.
will clean the rollers with spirits, or acetone, and go thru set up steps again
Years ago I was cleaning out a supply closet at school and found a bunch of bottles of typewriter roller cleaner. I figured it would be good to use on planer rollers. I was right.

but according to google:

  1. Cut the Snipe Off the Ends.
  2. Adjust the Infeed/Outfeed Tables Up.
  3. Use a Sacrificial Board Before and After.
  4. Use Sacrificial Side Runners for Glue Ups.
  5. Run the Boards Through on an Angle.
  6. Lift the Board In and Out of the Planer.
I do #'s 1, 5, and 6.

The planer I've used for lots of years is a 10" Ryobi. I find that for small projects #5 does what I need it to do without snipe. I also, on longer pieces, lift and hold the board up to take the upward pressure off the board as it enters the planer and then go around and hold it up as it comes out. It doesn't always eliminate snipe but it helps.