A Thing I Just Learned About SU and Podium

Dave Richards

SE Minnesota
Here's an interesting thing I learned about Podium. The application I show is one thing but there is another implication. Even if you aren't interested in the images, please take a minute to think about how this could also create problems for you and how you can avoid them.

Suppose you want to create the effect of a cone of light coming from a light source as in thie image:

You can draw the cone in SU, make it a group and then add the color to the group. That means don't select the group to edit it before adding the color. It will look like this:


You select the cone and adjust the light slider in Podium. Note in the first image you don't see the cone at all. Only the effect of the light is visible.

This is a pretty cool effect but here's the potential problem. If you have a component or group whose faces have been painted collectively, that is they've been painted without first selecting the component for editing, the component or group will not be visible in the rendered image. If you run into this problem, the simple fix is to explode the component or group and remake it. By exploding it the texture or color is then applied to the individual faces and not to the group or component.

Make sense? I hope so.