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Vaughn McMillan

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For various reasons, I've been shopping for the past week or so for a new acoustic/electric guitar. I've had my eye on the Takamine GN93C, one of their mid-level models that I know from personal experience plays easily and sounds excellent amplified through a PA system. The local Guitar Center didn't have one in stock, and the only online dealer I really like (Sweetwater) was also out of stock. Just for grins I did a Google search for that model today, and lo and behold my local Guitar Center had just gotten one in on a trade. I was able to pick this up for a bit more than half the retail price. It has a few minor wear marks (saves me from worrying about putting the first scratch on it), and needs a little minor setup work that's well within my skill level. It has a solid spruce top, walnut sides, a walnut/quilted maple back, and mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard. Here's a couple of quick phone pics before doing any cleanup/tuneup work on it.

IMG_0343 - 800.jpg

IMG_0344 - 800.jpg
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At least it doesn't eat or poop! Otherwise, I will take your word on it that it is a good one!! Had a student years and years ago make a curved guitar stand, 3 on the bottom row, 2 on middle row, 1 on top, kind of looked like a Christmas tree. He is almost as old as me and saw him a while back and he said he still has and uses it.