Alder Cabinets

Chris Mire

Southern Louisiana
finally this job is done, been working on this one for about a month now part time. now that i'm full time i am looking forward to jobs moving more quickly.

this is just the kitchen, i did bathrooms too but they are to be painted so not that interesting. the kichen is all alder, with the exception of some of the purchased moldings and appliques that could only be found in maple. the homeowner is a painted by trade and is going to finish with a very dark red stain and a super high gloss poly or varnish, so the difference most likely won't be noticed. spiral legs were also purchased. doors were outsourced because i don't have time to do them right now. raised panel ends were done by yours truly however. everything else is me.

the hood was a first for me, not too bad for the first try. i probably couldn't have it without autocad though. i worried about this thing fitting right for 4 weeks.

well here ya go, i took lots of pics cause i know how you all are











more in next post





so....who can find the mistake i made that i have to go back and fix this morning?? i never saw it till i looked at the pictures....gotta hurry and get there before they stain them...:eek:

Dunno where the mistake is but they sure look nice!

Great work! :thumb:

Edit................... you forgot the counter tops.............?

nope, eh......?

Forgot to fill the nail holes in the fan hood corners?

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thanks alot stu,

no, i don't do counter tops. granite coming on monday.

and i also don't fill the nails holes, the finisher will do that because he will match his putty to the color of the stain.

keep looking.

[size=+1]Which spiral column is correct - right or left? I'm guessing you need to turn the left one over...

I sure hope that square section at the top is a separate piece, and not an integral part of the turning![/size]
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Oopsies happen :eek:

Good looking cabs Chris!!
I like the details.:thumb:
Nice looking job Chris! On your finished ends did you miter them to the face frame?

On the euro job I'm doing I'm going to build in the refrigerator. On one side it's going to be a raised panel end and the other side is going to be maple plywood so the pantry cabinet can but against it. I'm going to do a small face frame around the fridge and was wondering if I should miter or butt joint to the side panels. I'm thinking miter to the raised panel and but to the maple panel. What do you think?

Also I noticed your top drawers fronts are all solid stock and the bigger bottom ones are raised panel. Is this standard for your designs? I have about 17 drawers in this job and trying to figure the best way to do the drawer fronts.

WOW! I couldn't cook anything there. I would be terrified of ruining my purdy cabinets! :bow: :thumb:
Of course, I can't cook anything anywhere. I use a recipe book to boil water. :rofl:

thanks steve,

the funniest part was that i was in there for hours and never saw it, i was running through the slide show of the pics and it caught my eye, glad it did, cause they started staining about 4 hours later :eek:


finished ends are butt jointed. i guess i could miter them, but it's hard to find the seam anyway once they are sanded nicely. guess i'd be scared the miter might open up with seasonal changes. but that is just me thinking, no experience with that happening.

not sure what you should do there, if it was me i'd probably butt joint both.

maybe you could try it on a smaller mockup cabinet to see if you like the look of the mitered joint better.

as for the drawers. there is no standard around here. i try to do raised panel fronts on all my big drawers. my top drawers are only 4-1/2" so the front for that drawer is 5-1/2" after the 1/2" overlay. so that doesn't leave much room for a raised panel front. i have seen people take a raised panel, just the panel section and use it, but i am not a fan of that look. i am still establishing my design so to speak. but for the most part if people around here do RP drawer fronts, they do solid fronts on the smaller ones.

hope that makes sense

thanks for the comments

thanks alot. i am glad to see this job come to an end. although i just got a call to tell me the desk can be installed, we were gonna wait till the hardwood floor was down, but they changed to carpet.

thanks for the nice comments