Ambrosia Maple Platter and Plate

Mike Stafford

Coastal plain of North Carolina
Well, we had a few warm days here so I decided to clear out a few large blanks in the shop. I have a stack of platter blanks that are approaching old age in that I know I have had them at least 10 years. Time to put them on the lathe.

Here is rolled rim ambrosia maple platter about 18" in diameter and 1 3/4" thick with top and bottom views.

IMG_2158 new mod.jpg IMG_2162 mod.JPG

Here is the platter's little brother, a rolled rim plate about 11" in diameter and 1 3/4" thick.

IMG_2389 mod sized.JPG IMG_2391 mod sized.JPG
That's some attractive looking wood.
Do you know if the figuring is the result of natural 'in growth' soil chemicals or does it result from spalting (fungal infection) ?
Ambrosia maple is not a varietal species. It is just the name given to trees which were infested by the Ambrosia beetle. The pattern that gives Ambrosia maple its name comes about as the result of an infestation of the ambrosia beetle. As it bores through the wood a disease fungus it carries creates the discoloration. If you look closely at the pictures you might be able to see some of the holes where the insect bored into the wood.