Bandsaw Blade Changeout

I read that a tech from Timberwolf said to a forum member that a band saw blade is only good for about 200-300 board feet of cutting

I have seen various versions of this. I can't say as most of my bs cutting is smaller pieces even though I have milled some smaller logs with a 3/8" blade. Seems like a blade lasts a couple years for me. Mileage varies. :huh:
I know it has been over a year since this thread started. Things improve with practice. I was around 7 minutes from start to ready-to-use last time I timed a blade change for another thread. I have learned the steps of removal and replacement that make things go smoothly on my Grizzly G0513 variant.

Somewhere on here is a thread about how I ground one of the door hinge pins slightly shorter than the other to speed up the door installation. This has nothing to do with the blade change but, hanging the top hinge and swinging the bottom pin into position is easier for me than trying to line both up at once.

Certainly pulling the throat plate, raising the guide post and backing off the guiides comes before I even loosen the tension. After that it is just a sequence of moves that guides the old blade out of the mahine and the new one back in.
Since I started this thread, I have gone to the 3/4" blade. No problem with it's change out. Left the table in place and everything. Just the usual stuff like Glenn said. Guess when they designed this band saw they didn't take into account it might be me changing out a 1" blade. :rofl: So, me thinks me is gonna stick with the 3/4" and 1/2" depending on what I'm doing.