Brent Dowell

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Reno NV
Who here has a blackstone griddle? Got invited to a 'bbq' the other night where the host made everything on his blackstone. Carne Asada, Carnitas, Quesadillas. The way he used it for the tortillas and getting a nice char on the meat was killer. I'll admit to overindulging on it as it was just fantastic.

So what advice would you have for someone considering getting one?

Are they worth having in addition to other outside cooking devices?

What do you like to cook on them?

I bought one for my Son-in-Law..he loves it. Sits next to his Traeger smoker. Living near Austin TX., cooking outside is a must.
My daughter makes breakfast, on the weekends..all on the Blackstone. With 4 burners, it is 36" wide, you can have temp control.
I should say..SiL does 90 % of the cooking, he is quite good. I help, when we are in TX, for the winter.
You will like it a lot, I believe.

happy cooking
We have the Blackstone Culinary 3-Burner Liquid Propane 30" Flat Top Grill with hood from Lowe's, but no longer available. We love it and are glad we bought it. I use it for smashburgers, bacon and eggs, big blueberry pancakes, peppers and onions, chapatis, tortillas, carne asada, fajitas and lots of other stuff....specially stuff that might stink up the house. The Hungry Hussey on the Youtube has lots of inspirational recipies.
My only gripe is that some of the paint has started to peel off the hood where the metal wasn't properly prepped. Highly recommend getting one with the hood. I would get a four burner if I had a do over.
I have an off brand on the RV, called a “Graystone”. It’s a single burner, so temp control is a bit harder. The videos I’ve seen with at least two burners, they move food around as it get to temp, which is hard to do on the single burner. Breakfast on it is nice though, just have to juggle things with as small as ours is.
We've had an outdoor griddle for a couple of years. I researched several brands and features, then decided on the Pit Boss 36" model - same specs as the Blackstone, but lower cost. I have it under our carport along with the Traeger and a gas grill. All get used, depending on what's cooking.
My son in law has one and loves it. I was going to get one before we decided to sell the house.
I cook on the huge flat top for events at my Shriners Center and really enjoy it for breakfast items, grilled sandwiches, sausage peppers and onions, grilling chicken and the usual burgers and hot dogs. I would get a Blackstone if we were not moving.
I have a Masterbuilt 800 which comes with a griddle. I smoke ribs,butts ,etc. on the thing then install the griddle and away I go It will heat up to 700 degrees but never been over 500 for smashed burgers. Also do the veggies and buns. I can do everything I need to do with minimum of fuss.