Bringing Up the Future Player

Vaughn McMillan

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As I mentioned in the Friday thread, our band played two shows this weekend. Friday night at the Dragonhorn was a record-breaker. We've never seen a crowd that big in that venue. The only people with any room to move was the four of us in the band, on an 8x12 stage. I didn't get any photos of the crowd this time, so you'll have to take my word for it. lol.

Saturday we played at Skidmore's, a bowling alley/bar/restaurant/game room that has large enclosed patio where they host bands on Fridays and Saturdays. We had a good crowd, but not packed like the night before. Since Skidmore's is a family-oriented place, they allow kids, so two of my nephews showed up with three of their four kids. The youngest of the kids is my great-nephew, Orion, a.k.a. Rio. He just turned 8 a couple of weeks ago, and he's already been playing guitar for over a year. He got his first electric guitar and amp for his birthday. He practices a LOT. Here's a pic my wife took tonight of Rio watching his great-uncle play the solo to Comfortably Numb, which is arguably my rock star moment of the night. This photo means more to me than all the crowd pics I've ever taken. :thumb:

Rio Watching 600,jpg.jpg
Looks like another musician in the making.... reminds me of my brother in law and his son when Rob was about 5.... Charles was a bass player in the local band and at a local VFW hall was playing when Rob took his toy guitar up on state and "played" with the band.... wish I had a picture of that. All 3 of my sister's boys were musicians as teens, but didn't keep it up. BIL started as a fiddler, but in later years had problems with his neck from holding the fiddle and switched to bass. First time I saw him play was at my folks house when they gave a dance.... BIL was about 16 at the time, my sister was about 6 and me about 4...

Watched a TV program last night that made me think of Vaughn.... show was called "Song of the Mountains"... mostly blue grass, but the musicians were mostly older guys (except for the mandolin player who looked about 18-20)... it was on NPR and comes out of Virginia or one of the Carolinas... didn't stay up to the end to here their sign off.