closing in on the home stretch...

okey-day, stained them last night, and hit them with the kona gel stain today. the 2 coats of garnet shellac will go on tomorrow. got the second coat on the rest of the parts today. hope to start assembly tomorrow. good thing i think, these warmer temps, the shellac is getting baked on, in the really warm garage.
got the first of the chairs assembled, and found out that i need to take about 1/4 inch off one side of all of the finished cushions, so they will drop in place. not the foam mind you, but the plywood base. jesus wept...
i guess the dear lord decided to have some mercy on me after all. i put another (3rd tried) cushion in place, and figured, what the heck, and sat on the chair. amazingly enough, it popped into place, right on top of the supports.
oh, and yes, it was quite comfortable, straight back and all.