Coffee Table for LOML

Goodyear AZ
Hi All, Just finished a coffee table for the wife and want to show it off. Its made from QS ash (from a single 12/4 plank) The accent wood is figured eucalyptus dyed red. The oil stain on the ash is a cherry blend (I mixed the colors some to get what I liked, or more importantly, what the wife liked). The top is copper, laminated on ply. My first time using copper, so it took a lot of experimentation with amonia, vinegar, and finally muratic acid I had on hand for the swiming pool, till I got the look I wanted. It's 38"x44"x19". Wish the pictures were better. Anywho, Thanks for looking. Barry


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Thanks all! Bruce, I used whats called 1 pound copper for the top. (1sq ft = 1 pound) I think it runs around .021 thick. It's plenty, any thicker would have been hard to work with. Here's the link where I got it from mail order. The local supplier I found ws a lot more expensive even after factoring shipping.
Very nice and substantial looking design. Neat idea using the copper for the top. Should be nearly indestructible! Great detail on the corners and aprons.
While thats not my (well our) style but I am totally impressed with that! Very nice looking table and I love the fact that it is different than what you typically see out there.