Could it be?

I don't really have a dog in this hunt, and I'm torn between rooting for the Chiefs (for Darren's sake) or the 49ers (for the sake of several of my other friends). I think overall I'd like to see the Niners win just because of Brock Purdy's Cinderella story.
You betcha the Chiefs did. It was anail bitter to the 10 seconds. That is the way a championship game should be paye/ Even if I gots a ulcer over it.
Now I can take the Chiefs flag down.
it didnt look good in the beginning, I texted one friend in missouri and I texted darren, the only people I know outside of ny that are chief fans. we had 10 people here, 5 men, all of us were rooting for kansas city, they all had bets and sheets with many pools, not me. the ending was great, mahomes will always be mentioned in sports history with all the great quarterbacks. he can beat tom terrifics record, Im rooting for him. my friends in buffalo NY hate the chiefs with a passion, as it seems the chiefs knock them out of they were dissapointed. after march madness, I wont watch sports until sept this year
Funny how some of the articles edit out the belly slam to the coach. I have told my school kids, if your daughter's boyfriend acts like this to someone they should respect, get your daughter or yourself out of this situation. When life gets tough, he'll do that to his wife. He should have been benched and watch the results. I went to bed before half time, got up during the overtime, Lou was rooting for the Chiefs, so I rooted for the 49'ers. That QB for the 9ers has a future. I can't wrap my head around the fact those people are running a play. Looks like a batch of pigs when moved from one pen to another to me. But it was one of the best games and what a championship game ought to be like. Good on both teams.
Purty went to Iowa and attended my cousins church. She was excited for him and I kind of fell in to wanting the 49'ers. I knew that missed field goal was going to bit them in the backside. It was a great game. The best part about this game I was sitting 20' from the bed LOL in stead of having to drive 45 minutes. To a SB party.
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