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Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
Dave - you mentioned a paint once before -- creality or something like that????

I am thinking about switching to acrylic paint for some interior painting
Scott Thompson is quite talented and I really like what he is doing here.
I watch a lot of videos and have tried a bunch of stuff ----- Still trying to build some skill.
I see paints on Amazon - but - the paint you spoke of looked to be much better
What was that?

Leo, there are a few ,
Createx air brush acrylic paint.
I use createx for porcelain repair toning. I also use FW inks. Larger verity of color and a strong hold.
Are you using airbrush ?
Createx and FW inks DO NOT mix well together.
Liquitex paint will mix well with either one.
Liquitex also has a medium that that works well with getting a good glaze along with the use of a extended.
Based on the video I posted by Scott Thompson I ordered what he is using, Daler Rowney - Graduate acrylic. He teaches the exact thing that I do. He even create 3D models and sells on Etsy ScottArtcnc

I like what I see in the Creatix line. It seems to be more for airbrushing. I do want to try airbrushing some day but not yet ready for that.

I know I have not yet continued my series of "Making Cool Stuff", but it will continue. I am going to move from the acrylic Ben Moore paints and go into these ?craft? acrylics. I have some cheap acrylics and playing around with some carousel animals I carved years ago. I had posted some vids years ago but I lost all those vids.

I added some Creatix paints to my Amazon wish list. At some point I will be trying them.

Again Dave -- thank you very much
So, at a beginner level of painter, well at least with these paints I am trying to paint a giraffe. The paints I currently have are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. No brand name. I think I paid a dollar for it some years ago.

After watching Scotts vids I expect more better results but this CHEAP paint just does not do it. Or maybe it's me. Brushing it on is easy but the color below just does not get covered, it just shows thru. Maybe wrong brush, maybe not enough paint. Maybe just cheap paint.

So I am going to wait till the Daler Rowney paint gets here on Friday according to Amazon.
FW inks are made by Daler Rowney, Stronger hold then there paints and thinner viscosity for air brush. Sounds like to want to do a quick cover. You will need to learn color if you want to get beyond beginner level. Cheap paints will cover , there is a process to which takes time to learn.
I am going to find some local art classes that teach how to paint with acrylics.

I am not ready for air brushing yet
Plenty of artist on Youtube who make classes for the how to types. Air brush isn't that hard to learn. Just take patience and following the steps, keeping the gun clean is the #1 factor to good airbrush. Then it all comes down to TOUCH or trigger pull
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