Dishwasher install

Darren Wright

Staff member
Springfield, Missouri
So our kitchen cabinets were installed in the late 80s, early 90’s, but there’s never been an automatic dishwasher. Since we’re planning to maybe move the kitchen at some point, I didn’t want to build new cabinets yet.

We have some large cabinet doors on the base, but not big enough for a full sized dishwasher. So I searched around for alternative options to the full sized dishwasher. I ended up finding several 18” wide models, which I ended up going with this one.

I started surgery tonight to cut out the shel and bottom of the cabinet

I still need to put some fillers on each side, as the opening is 20 1/2”. Then stain to match, level out the unit, and connect up the plumbing. It’s only 32” tall, which came in just under the height of the top rail of the face frame.

It’s not real big, but should work well for just the two of us.

We also have no electrical on that wall, so will add a couple of plugs on the same circuit to use, the unit only draws about 6 amps.
Spent my morning driving to the local hardware/building supply stores, not one carried any oak trim, or hardwoods for that matter.

I came home and found some old oak 2x4s from taking down the little house a couple years ago out in back of the barn. I lucked out and found one that was a red oak variety.

I didn’t bother trying planing it, just cut off the weathered portions with the TS

Got a decent match on the wood, but the floors and cabinets aren’t quite square, so got the dishwasher close on each side for the reveal.

Plumbing is not my favorite, but got lucky and got the hot water shutoff swapped easily, no leaks. (y)

I still need to run a new line/plug, but have it running on an extension cord tonight.

I may add a removable pice of oak below to line up with the bottom of the cabinets. The door doesn’t swing down much, and I think it might get trim it out nicely.

Also talking about updating the pulls and hinges for now on the cabinets.

I’ll go through my stains tomorrow to se what matches the existing oak. I saved some scraps for testing.