Eye Surgeon

Bill Arnold

Staff member
Thomasville, GA
UPDATE 04/02/24:

I had an appointment with an eye surgeon in Tallahassee on Monday. My right eye had become almost useless due to hemorrhage at the center back of the eye. The diagnosis is wet AMD. Treatment is an injection of medication into the eye once a month for four months, then every 3-4 months afterward, depending on results. So . . .

Fortunately, my left eye has been dominant all my life and is in good shape, aside from wearing corrective lenses when necessary. The biggest issue I’ve been having is eye strain because of the brain trying to make sense of two versions of the same image. I have a normal image with my left eye and a distorted image with my right. The right eye has a football shaped area in the center of vision with objects bulging horizontally and vertically around it. I’ve been wearing an eye patch at times to have good vision.

The up side to this process is we’ll get to have lunch at Glory Days when we go to Tally. It’s only about a quarter mile from the doctor’s office.
The eye injection is, indeed, a very unpleasant experience. I had a retinal stroke in my left eye. Injections were the treatment. I hated them fiercely. But, I steeled myself with the knowledge that this can (and did) fix the problem. Much better than going blind in that eye. FWIW, they do numb the eye before injecting and it is a very tiny gauge needle. Consider the alternative.
I have a friend who has been dealing with this for years. He gets a needle about 3 times each year. Sometimes more often depending on the condition of his eye. He says it is no big deal after the first few times.

All I have to day is that he is a better man than I am. I shudder at the thought.