Finished another Pacific NW Coastal Indian tribe Art

Paul Douglass

S E Washington State
Since I cut the last one I ordered a book about their art. I was incorrect on my last one I posted. I refered to it as Native American. The Pacific NW Coastal tribes are mostly along the Canadian Pacific Coast. There is one little spot in the the NW corner of Washington that is a part of the tribes. Very interesting book. This one is called "Sun" and was a painting by Joe Wilson.
NW tribe art  sun by Joe Wilson  10192023 2sm.jpg
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Paul, that is just sooo cool. There is a high level of skill to get that all to fit together.

I wonder.

How would a project like that look if some of the pieces were raised a 1/16 or so, to give it a 3D look.
Good idea. Could be easily done just have to cut the perimeter at a slight angle so it would not fit all the way through the main board. I'll have to give it a try one of these days on a less detailed piece. I have seen pictures that way, and they look pretty nice. There is even a name for it but I have forgotten the name.
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