free sockets, SAE and metric

ken werner

Central NY State
Well, I took what I wanted from a garage sale lot. The rest are up for grabs. You pay shipping, otherwise free. Figure a small flat rate box will do it.

Some are 1/4", some are 3/8", they are all from Asia, but the ones branded "Durex" are actually not bad.

The left photo is metric, the other is SAE.


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From the pictures it appears that the ones that are remaining are either worn and or from China - therefore they are useable for fishing weights only. There is nothing worse that trying to use a worn socket. That is why they were in a garage sale.
They are useful only if they have the name "Snap-on" or "Craftsman" on them.
Actually Walter, many of them are brand spanking new, with no wear at all. I don't know what you're looking at, or with which glasses. Obviously, these are not Craftsman or Snap-On. But they are free, so if you don't want them, kindly do not rain on someone else's opportunity. Not all of us can afford Craftsman or Snap-On, and for the occasional user, these will do just fine.
Not all of us can afford Craftsman or Snap-On,

Truer words were never spoken. Me, I don't have a single one of either of these brands in my shop. And yet somehow, perhaps by magic or simple incantations, bolts and nuts manage to get turned and tightened. Just like in Harry Potter, I guess! ;)


...They are useful only if they have the name "Snap-on" or "Craftsman" on them.

That's your opinion, but your opinion is wrong. As Bill pointed out, there are plenty of other sockets that will remove or install a hexagonal fastener. They may not be the best, but they will work.

You don't want them? Click on to the next post. :rolleyes:
I have a set of Craftsman sockets and combos I carry in the truck tool box. In my garage are several sets of El Cheapo import sockets and combos that I use frequently and have for years. No complaints. They function as intended.
Hey, those are the types of tools I bought for my daughter's tool boxes. Told them to stay out of mine and use theirs. Quit losing so many tools and didn't find so many laying around after that either! Those el cheapo's are what I carry on the tractor so if I lose them, I don't lose much. But they do fill a niche!!
I was lucky enough to get a fairly complete set of Plumb sockets from WWII surplus. They are great.

I also have several Craftsman sockets. They are great.

I also have several complete sets of 1/4 or 3/8 inch drive Thorgeson, Husky, Pittsburgh and No Name. These were picked up at swap meets, inherited from deceased family members, etc. I use whichever set that is most handy at the time. I am glad I have all of them and "No" I would not replace them with new at list price if I lost them.

They all do the job.

My wife says that I am a coffee snob. However, I am not a tool snob---If it works, it is fine.


Yup, and they are still available for the price of shipping.....
I think the reason no one has claimed them yet is because people who do woodworking are probably handy (in general) and have a fairly complete set of sockets already.

Your offer, however, is very generous. If I didn't already have a complete set of sockets, I'd take you up on them.

I agree with Mike's ^ thinking... I'm not sure of your surroundings Ken, but when I found myself with some 'extra' tools from a garage sale find, I took an old small tool box and threw them in along with some other odds and end's I had, and gave them to a couple of young boys{brothers} down the street... You can't buy the smiles that brought! :thumb:
Ken C your post brought back a memory. Sorry for the hi jack Ken W.

By around age 20 i had a pretty good set of my own tools. Well had a friend that was lets say not endowed in the working with tools department and was forever asking me to help him out with my tools.

Came time for his 21st Birthday which for us was coming of age time, and myself and another buddy got together and bought a toolbox with a basic set of tools in it and gave it to him as a birthday present.

Well he said it was the best present he had ever been given. He kept that for years and years and reminded us when ever he had used one of the tools. He came from a very wealthy family where he was given all sorts of luxuries like speed boats and fancy sports cars but they always hired help to do things so he never got to touch tools but was so happy and proud to be the owner of his own set.

Sometimes we take for granted our affinity with these objects we call tools and become somewhat snobbish when somthing like these sockets would do very well for someone like my friend.

Everyone has to start somewhere.;)
Rob, great hijack. And a good story. I'll continue the hijack with one of my own.

When I was in my 20s, I lived in Israel for a few years. I had a 1971 Yamaha 250cc Enduro motorcycle for transportation. One cylinder. It was always breaking down and needing work, which I would do in the parking lot of my apt. building.

At the time, I had splurged on a used set of SK combination wrenches, which I bought here and brought with me, and I needed them for the bike. One day, one of my neighbors came by and saw me working on the bike. "You have nice tools" he said, "too bad you don't know how to use them." I was struggling to take off the magneto, which wouldn't budge. He then told me what to do, and it worked. As I got to know him better, he told me about his role in WW2. He was the engine mechanic on a British warship. His ship would be in battle and whatever happened, it was his job to keep the engines going.

When I look at nice tools today, mine or someone else's, I remember him, and think "nice tools.....better know how to use them."

Anyway, I can't make these sockets any cheaper, so what else can I do? I don't have a spare handle to throw in.