Guidelines for the Tips and Tutorials Forum

Vaughn McMillan

Staff member
At the suggestion of several members, and as voted upon and approved by the forum Moderators, we now have a "Tips and Tutorials" forum. In order to keep this forum limited to just tips and tutorials, a few special guidelines have been established:

1. The Tips and Tutorials forum has been set up for all members and visitors to read, but only Mods and Admins can write to it. If you have written a tutorial you want posted, just post it as a regular thread in the forum of your choice, and a Mod or Admin will make a copy of the post (not the entire thread) and create a new thread in the T&T forum. The T&T post will also have a link in it pointing to the original discussion thread.

2. If you need to make additions or revisions to your tip or tutorial later, you simply need to tell a Mod or Admin what's needed, and the Mod/Admin will edit the "read only" tutorial post for you.

3. It will be up to the Mods and/or Admins to decide if something is a "Tip" or a "Tutorial", but your input and suggestions are very welcome. If you see a post that you think would be a useful tip or tutorial, just let someone on the forum staff know, and they'll take care of things from there. Of course, there will likely be some gray areas as far as what exactly is a tip or tutorial, but we'll figure those out on a case by case basis.

4. We now have the capability to use search keyword tags. It will be up to the forum staff to specify the tags that will aid in future searches for the tip or tutorial.

5. For now we have a single forum -- not subdivided into categories -- for all the different types of woodworking represented. Over time, if it grows to the point where it's necessary, we will subdivide the threads into separate sub-forums. If the Mods and Admins use very clear, unambiguous thread titles, it should be easy enough for members to find the tips and tutorialss that interest them.

6. Since these threads are intended to be reference material, the forum staff reserves the right to edit tips and tutorials to correct typos and such. Regular threads and posts are intended to be conversational in nature, and we let typos slide, but for an "encyclopedia" like a T&T forum, we will fix things as needed.

7. If a tutorial writer has a PDF file they want to make available, we will accommodate them. Even if the file is bigger than our current attachment size limits, an Admin can manually copy the file to the forum's server and make it available to members via a link.

Like pretty much everything else at Family Woodworking, the quality and value of the T&T forum comes from the great information that's shared among the whole family. This sharing of information is the primary reason Family Woodworking was started in the first place. The T&T forum is meant to be yet another way for us to help and educate each other :thumb:

Enjoy! :wave: