Hand Drawn - Laser Engraved

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
Things that have been on my bucket list.

Tree of Life
Using my Bamboo digitising tablet

So we had a crafting event at my church and one of the members had a beautiful box with the Tree of Life hand woodburned into it.
In being that it was done by hand it had the unique characteristic appeal of hand made. The entire box was "?? Handmade ??" Using machines!
OK the woodburning WAS hand made.

I also had a little laser made box.

Honestly we both liked each of the boxes and agreed that the are all sorts of pros and cons to both.

I really loved the HAND woodburned look.


I downloaded an image of the Tree of Life
I imported it into Aspire. This process can also be done im V-Carve. It is NOT an Aspire only process.
I did use the TRACE tool in Vectric and I can DXF over to Lightburn and just go and do it - but - I want that hand drawn appeal.
I guess the only real way is to hand draw
Sooo, I am using a tool in Vectric called Freehand drawing.
I hooked up my Bamboo CTL-4100 digitizer.
I am hand tracing the Tree of Life the way that Justin did his woodburned box.