Have You Seen One of These?

Vaughn McMillan

Staff member
I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to drawknives, and I figured I'd ask you guys if you know anything about this one. We found it this weekend in the attic of my friend's cabin. He says his dad had several drawknives (he remembers his mom using one to de-bark logs when they built the cabin in the '60s), but he didn't remember seeing this one with the folding handles. This one still has a nice sharp edge.

Drawknife 1 1024.jpg

Drawknife 2 1024.jpg

Drawknife 3 1024.jpg
Not familiar with that brand, but I have a Witherby with that same design. Mine's probably about/over a hundred years old, and in about the same great condition as that one.
I have a Dunlap that looks just like that. The handles on mine are more red. I have no idea of its age but I know it was among the tools that were my grandfather's. I also have one of his spoke shaves.

It sharpens up real nice. I have used it on occasion for certain operations. It takes a certain amount of skill and I don't have but a certain amount.