Holiday Gift ideas and give away.

Darren Wright

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Springfield, Missouri
It's time for a give away since we've not had one in a while. For this Give Away, there will be two winners chosen randomly using a random number generator from the list of participants.

To participate, post pics of either a holiday gift you've done in the past or one that you have in process now through December 12th, 2015

The winners will each get a $50 eGift card to either Lee Valley or, their choice. As a bonus, for those that don't win the prizes, will at least come away with ideas for this year holidays.

We'll choose the winners after December 12th, 2015. The winners must provide a valid email address to receive the prize, which will only be used for that purpose. All members, including Moderators are eligible, forum administrators are not.
Here's some that I've both given and sold...mostly from this year too. Ornaments and other xmas things, pizza cutters, earrings from little bits of scrap, etc.


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Here are a few things I've made in past years or am currently in process for this year.

Candles on a Curve (Wood Mag.)

Asian-inspired keepsake boxes (Wood Mag.)

Plaque for my granddaughter's room.

Wine glass holders - generic and specific.
Wow, so far there's a 1 in 4 chance to win the prize. That's pretty good odds. :D

I know I can't be eligible for the drawing, but I can still share pics. ;)

Here's a some knives I made a few years ago for my adult nephews. I let them pick the blades they wanted, and I put the grips on the blades. Pretty easy project:

Nephew Knives 01 - 800.jpg Nephew Knives 03 - 800.jpg Nephew Knives 07 - 800.jpg Nephew Knives 05 - 800.jpg

I also made my Dad a brisket knife:

Desert Ironwood Brisket Knife 1 - 800.jpg Desert Ironwood Brisket Knife 3 - 800.jpg Desert Ironwood Brisket Knife 2 - 800.jpg

And my sister got a chef's knife:

Chef's Knife 800.jpg