How do I get rid of subscription reminders?

Every day I have a bunch of subscription reminders (threads I have visited and some action has occurred).
I have looked all over the place for a way to get rid of them.
I found a way to eliminate a page of reminders at a time---But there are thousands of them. I would like to do one King Size Zap and be rid of all of them.
Is there a way to unsubscribe from all threads? Or can I just eliminate the whole subscription thing?

HELP! I'm dying of acute subscription disease.

Not Enjoying,
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OK Larry, what is the control panel?
I got to subscriptions two different ways: 1, in the row at the top that has Jim C Bradley, notifications and settings, 2, through the User CP.

I could not make "subscriptions" go away either way. There was no place to check Subscriptions so I could not un-check anything. I tried deleting the word Subscriptions but that was no help.

Please help me Enjoy,

larry merlau

Delton, Michigan
jim go to the top user control panel click it

then go to subscriptions on left click it, empty the the subscribed folders

then go down further on left to general settings and click it, then go about half way down the lists of setting you will see where you can turn off subscriptions

Vaughn McMillan

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To add to what Larry has said, the "Control Panel" or "User Control Pane"l is the same thing as the "User CP". :)