I need plan help

Arkadelphia, Arkansas
For health reasons I haven't posted or been able to due any woodworking for a while. I now have two reasons to return to my life long hobby. My wife passed away at the end of October last year. She was here at home with home health care. A good friend of ours, an RN turned stay at home mom, came here to Arkansas from Houston for the last 3 weeks of her life. There is no way I can repay her. However, she has a 3 year old daughter and last month gave birth to a new baby girl. This year I spent some time in the hospital then 2 months in rehab. There I had a CNA that took very good care of me. I currently pay to help take care of me. She wants to learn about woodworking. I have made 3 of the rockers pictured here. This one for my grand daughter in 2009. The plan is somewhere in my shop, but I can't find it. I got the plan from a Magazine in the 1980s, I think. If anyone has the plan, I would really love to borrow it. My other choice is if there is someone close to daughter's home in Moreno Valley, CA that could go to her home an make a plan for me.
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Thanks Darren. She battled breast cancer for 5 years. Even though we both it was a battle she could not win, the end was still hard. I am glad that my cancer was found this year so she didn't worry about me. I know it was not in Woodsmith magazine.. I've been a subscriber since the 70s and it was in magazine I bought by it self. It contained full size plans of the ends. Those are the parts I am most concerned about. IMG_0910.jpgIMG_0911.jpg
These two are close to this one, but I like yours with the spindles on the rocker better.

I came across all those same ones. the u bild and rocker ones appear to be adult sized. Didn't come across any plans at the one Bill linked to.

I've found more images searching for "Nanny Craddle", but no other plans yet.

There is a sketchup model in the 3dwarehouse that is a close match here
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Thank you all for your efforts. I've been searching the web also. Like you, { have found some that would work for an adult and baby, not the child and doll I need.

Dave your idea of a new plan sounds like the answer. Provided you can print a full size pattern of the large end and rockers. I could fake the rockers, but the end is beyond my skill set. I tend to build things that are strong, but not very artistic. If you can't print that large, I will have my daughter trace the outline on a large piece of paper.

Again, thank you all.
Norm, if you can get me good info for creating the shapes of the parts I can make something you can print at full size if needed.

As far as that goes, though, if you have access to the thing and can get a large piece of paper, there's no reason you couldn't trace the end panel and the rockers to make full size patterns.