I really painted myself into a corner this time.

Keith Thomas

I have had a few problems spraying my toner so far. I had to sand and re finish a few of the drawer fronts for various reasons. had to do one over 4 times. the 4th time was because I was so frustrated on the third time I didn't sand very well. I had to spray the large face Fram with lacquer thinner because I sprayed it on a very humid morning and that coat turned cloudy. fogging it with thinner a few times luckily fixed that problem. And I just re did one of my door panels for a third time because it just didn't look quite a nice as the other one did. Hopefully the third time will be the last lol. The point is I am not very good at finishing and its killing me to spend so much time on it but I don't have any other choice. It's important. But when I get it right the results are great.
For instance all the drawer fronts ( and one door panel so far) all look like this IMG_4099.jpeg
And I am very very happy with them. But something dawned on me yesterday. I found I have to spray JUST right to make sure the contour gets colored evenly. I have one drawer front where its a little light right where the ogee meets the flat edge. Its not to bad and my wife didn't notice till I pointed it out so.......... BUT I realized I was headed for a big problem when I did the door frames. The panel is finished BUT If I put it all together and taped the panel I will not have an optimal angle to make sure the ogee gets colored properly on the frame. And lacquer could puddle on the tape and run into the mortice on the rail. If I screwed up after its all glued I will never be able to sand it clean to fix it. It would be hard enough to sand while it was apart. Glued together the corners would be impossible. It actually kept me up last night thinking about it.
I could only think of one solution. I really hope its a goods one. IMG_4098.jpeg
I taped the Frame together leaving the ogee exposed. It is very good exterior grade painters tape (nothing like duct tape). I have done a fair bit of painting and this stuff never bleeds and it pulls up clean. So I am going to spray it as carefully as possible and it should match the panel. Then I can tape the panel and the frames ogee and the flat area should be a breeze after that. I feel pretty confident (at least I'm telling myself that). I'll let everyone know how it goes.