I'm Excited and Some Car Fans May Find Interesting.

Paul Douglass

S E Washington State
When my son was visiting last week, we were playing in my shop and I was discussing with him how I am wanting to make a sanding station out of my slow speed grinder. I told him I was trying to find a machinist to make me an adaptor so I to screw a chuck on the arbor I have been thinking about going to the local college and asking if someone taking the training for machinist needed a simple project. Brian (my son) said he knew one of the top machinist in the country. I asked who, he said my neighbor, John! This will give an idea who his neighbor is: https://johncalliesinc.com/test_products.php.

Brian took me to meet him last time I was at Brian's house. John is a great guy, I got to inspect and sit in both his cars shown on his site. The blue one was just inducted in a museum Last month. He is pretty famous in the car world. I just got a call from my son, he was in John's shop discussing what John could make for me. John was talking to me it measurements and tolerances I can not even comprehend! 6/1000! So I left it for him to decide! No telling what he will come up with. It may be supercharged!
Wild how small of a world it is! You might well end up with the most advanced sanding station in the area!

If you have access to someone like that, it starts getting into "what do you need" more than "what can you make do with what you have" and might be competitive price/effort wise with a much more fit outcome as well!
My son called this afternoon to said the part is done. Did not take long, no charge for a friend. In return I am looking for the right pictures and plan on scroll a picture for each car so he can hang them in his shop... His shop it right next to his house. All his machines are old equipment that he has completely restored/refurbished. His shop is always as clean as an operating room in a hospital. John is 79 years old and starting a brand new big project. I could tell you what it is but then I will have to, well you know eliminate you so the word does not get out. I am really excited to follow this.
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