is it just me? or is sketchup not working on older versions

larry merlau

Delton, Michigan
tried to load a design, i had drew up and have finished the project. it was made in version 17.. but it wont come up now, it wants me to get the pro version?
how much is the pro version i aint no pro?
17 is still working for me and is my primary version. I do get a warning on older version drawings that if they are updated with the version I am using they will no longer work with the older version but that is to be expected. Are the drawings not opening at all?
went to trimble and downloaded 17 again it wanted to repair or remove files. i opted to repair. did that and restarted and when i hit the program icon it goes directly to the pro screen or free trial choice... how do i make a screen shot so i can show you what i get on screen
Not sure how to get a screen shot on your system Larry. I use the "Snipping Tool" or "Snip & Sketch" depending on your OS and version if Windows. On older versions IIRC, Shift and Print Screen takes a screenshot of the whole screen whereas Alt and Print Screen takes a screen shot of the active window only and puts it on the Clipboard. You can then paste this into the drawing program of your choice and save it as a JGP to upload to the forum. If you are getting this screen (I used Snip & Sketch):
Screenshot 2021-05-27 062523.jpg
You need to click the "Start Using Sketchup" button . . . every time you start the application. Ignore the "Free Pro Trial" and "Try Sketchup Free" buttons.
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Hi, I just started working with wood, and I found iOptiCut on the app store and it's a great app for beginners and those who want to do handicrafts.
Here is some of my work, with epoxy resin.


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