Jewelry Storage

Robert Rose

Florida Keys
I started this in late Oct. and finished first of Dec., but had not posted until now due to Irma and clean-up, trip to relatives / friends, broken ribs crashing my bike and Christmas. So here it is. I have to confess I stole the design from my friend. He is a wood worker with a decided artistic bent. Give him some odd items and he will make something out of it. His house is full of quirky things made of wood and everything else you can think off. Anyway, this my take on his design. It is a rotating stand for holding pierced earrings. Mine is a bit larger and not as eclectic as his. I had to add two screens inside to hold more earrings. EnjoyIMG_1429.jpgIMG_1426.jpgIMG_1425.jpgIMG_1430.jpg